As the name implies this blog is concerned with guacamole and things avocado. More broadly, though, it draws upon the three cooking traditions we’ve been raised in: northern/central Italian, New Mexican, and Bengali/eastern Indian (as from the east of India; “East Indian” is just a ridiculous colonial holdover locution).  Since the latter two are heavily influenced by the chile pepper, this blog is also about the use and appreciation of different types of chiles, foremost among them the New Mexico Green Chile and the Indian Green Chile.  On the racier side, we also like to explore fusions of our three main styles where appropriate and, hopefully, tasty.  You will also find a number of recipes here that don’t really hew to any of the three main traditions, but are just other things we like to cook, or that Duetta threw together (hence the category ‘Just Threw Together’).  We’re terribly inspired by smitten kitchen and by 101 natural cooks.


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